In Our studio, professional designers take the customers ideas and makes it achievable in an artistic manner. a few of our previous clients.

  • First  African  Millennium  International  Trade  and  Investment  Fair  /Posters, Banners, Certificates and Invitation Cards/
  • Ethio-Sudanese Poultry Expo /Posters and Banners/,
  • Ethio Millennium May Day International Trade Fair /Posters and Banners/, 
  • One More Chance  (An Amharic Movie) /Posters, Banners and Leaflets/,
  • Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce,
  • Stone Ethiopia,
  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), and
  • Getfam Hotel /Wall Plaques/


Camels Trading Enterprise, Ethiopian Workers Confederation, Water Aid Ethiopia, Ethiopian Economic Associations, DKT Ethiopia, Ethiopian Insurance Corporation, Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC), Expo Team Sudan, One More Chance Film, OiLibya Ethiopia Limited, MOENCO, Lion International Bank SC, Alem Cinema, Oromia International Bank SC, Ziquala Steel Rolling Mill, Yoha International, Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX),
Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce, I Print Digital Advertising......


Aand Edil /አንድ ዕድል/
Yemishitu Ftsame  /የምሽቱ ፍጻሜ/
LOVE.COM/ላቭ ዶት ኮም/
Uncomplimentary Colors  /የማይታረቁ ቀለማት/




Broken Hearts of HIV Orphans, UNICEF
The Hidden Truth of Our Boys, BCVA, Addis Ababa
Israel,  a Documentary on HIV Orphans
Ethiopian Economic Association
Ethiopian Chemical Society
Ethiopian Commodity Exchange /ECX/Abay Bank/


Event Planning and Organizing

We are currently working to bring forth various events and conferences that target
our customers and their respective consumers. Some of the events currently in the
works are:
 2 Annual Exhibitions,
 Monthly Conference for Expertise Sharing,
 Date Night (A Valentine’s Day Special Event), and so much more.